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Moving house is always a challenge, but moving to another country is one of the biggest decisions you could ever make. While it may seem completely overwhelming at first, when you break it down into smaller steps it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Swift Removals Gloucester have over 20 years of international removals experience. Here is some top advice to help you make your international house removal easier:


  • The country you choose should be somewhere that gives you more opportunities than your current one. If you will be changing jobs, then you really need to get organised fast. Starting planning a year in advance is a must if you are moving to another country.


  • Make sure you have more than enough savings to keep you afloat for at least three months as you start your new life. Before moving, consider the different economic factors of different countries: If you go to a country where life is cheaper, local wages will be lower so plan for this. If you can work online the world is your oyster!


  • Gather information about your visa requirements and start the application process in advance. Without them you will not be able to stay in the country you are moving to. Contact the embassy of the country you are moving to in the UK to check the detail around the visa process. Immigration lawyers and agencies are available to help if needed. Visas take time to organise and receive so start the process as early as possible. For the removal make sure you become familiar with the rules for importing your belongings in to the country.


  • If you will be going to a non-English speaking country, don’t expect everybody around you to know English. There are so many new innovative ways of learning a new language online, and people will respect you for trying. The faster you learn, the faster you will make new local friends.


  • Every country is different, and some places will be more or less suitable for you. Be aware of cultural differences to avoid embarrassing situations.


  • Do some research about the health system in the country you are moving to. It is possible you will need health insurance. Also let your GP aware of your move so your records can be shared.


  • Make sure your passport is updated, contact all of your bill providers to finalise payments, and inform your local council that you will be moving to another country.


  • If you will take your own car with you, find out how to keep it legally in the country of your choice, and check if your driving license will be valid there. Don’t forget your VC5 car passport!


  • Aside from all of the planning process, make sure you actually spend a good amount of time in the country of your choice before you take the plunge and move house. Don’t rush your decision.


  • For your house removal, if you have more than a van-load of possessions you might want to consider a shipping container. Before you move, de-clutter and get rid of all the possessions you don’t use or need. The more possessions you have the bigger the cost of your removal.


  • Be economical with your house move. Sell your big bulky items like furniture, and buy them again in your destination country.


  • If you are moving house with your family, think about different options for schools and entertainment for your family. Ask the local ex pats or local English speaking people, as well as doing your own research.


Don’t just use our list to plan your international removal. There are many more things individual to people and families that will need to be achieved. Think about everything in your life that will need to be organised in your new destination. As well as your possessions! We wish you a safe house move! Good luck!


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