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So you have decided to move house, and removal day is coming quickly. Moving house can be a stressful process. Remember the 5 P’s, with perfect preparation the process will be easier.

We have put this list of removals packing tips together for you if you are taking on the task yourself:


  • Plan, plan, plan! Whether room by room or area by area, break it down and make a schedule – then stick to it. Break down the packing process too, make your packing tasks manageable and as you tick off each stage it will feel great!


  • Collect packing materials in advance. Boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, foam, polystyrene. You will need lots of it. Alternatively many removals companies will provide this material for a fee.


  • Arrange and start packing your items as soon as possible – don’t delay! Anything you are not using, rooms you use least and things that are out of season. As you get closer to removal day have everything packed except the day to day essentials.


  • Keep items grouped together according to what room they belong in. Also keep similar items together as much as possible, like electrical items. Mark the boxes to reflect this and be ready to direct your removals porters to the correct room on moving day.


  • Clearly mark any items or boxes as fragile so during your removal both you and your porters will know to take extra care.


  • Keep your boxes to a manageable weight. The removals porters will be thankful too!


  • Leave your clothes from your wardrobe on the hangers. They will be quicker to deal with the other end. Ask your removals company about wardrobe boxes. They are an efficient way to transport clothes during any house move.


  • Plastic wrap and secure anything that is liquid or prone to spillages, the last thing you want is items being lost to water damage or wet cardboard boxes.


  • Think about your appliances in advance. Fridges/Freezers should be defrosted, dry and ready to move. Anything that is gas powered should be disconnected and readied by a gas safe engineer.


  • Keep your important documents together, keep them with you and/or move them yourself so you know they are safe. Clearly mark the box so you know exactly where they are.


  • Speak to your removals company about what insurance cover you will have (if any!), how your furniture will be protected and especially about expensive/delicate items before you move. It is worth knowing in advance if you need any extra insurance. Or If you need to especially protect any of your larger items. This should all be planned and clear when removals day comes around.


  • Make sure all boxes are taped securely. Cover all edges of the box, the more secure they are the less likely they will be to open during your move.


  • Keep a box for your essentials to all go in together. The things you will first need when you arrive at your new home. Pack this last or move it yourself so you always have it to hand.