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Helpful Removals Tips & Checklist

This article will cover a wide range of helpful removals, and packing tips to help you when moving home. This covers range of things to consider when moving home that will make your preparation and moving day less stressful.

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Useful Removals Tips:

  • Make a floor plan and name each room so Swift removals staff can identify them room.
  • Label items and/or boxes so Swift removals staff can position them correctly for you.
  • Label boxes to avoid mishaps e.g ‘Fragile’ or ‘This way up’.
  • Label Boxes so you know where things are e.g wires, leads, instructions, favourite kids toys.
  • Have a good sort out, many things you have not used or even seen for years. Find our article on tips to declutter your home here.
  • Ask our advisors about protective covers before removals day. We have a range of protective covers available for delicate furniture, piano removals and more.
  • Follow our checklist for additional help.

Removals Checklist: Things to do and arrange


☐ Assemble all documents you will need during and shortly and after the move.

Disconnection/Installation of Appliances

☐ Arrange gas.

☐ Arrange electric.

Disposal of unwanted items

☐ Advertise in plenty of time.

☐ Arrange for house clearance.

☐ Take items to charity shop.

☐ Take remaining items to council tip.

Forwarding Address

☐ Leave forwarding address for the new owner.

Friends & Family

☐ Make a list of who you want to advise.

Heating System

☐ Leave operating instructions for new owners. Ensure current owners of your new home leave instructions for you.


☐ Purchase pet carriers.

☐ Advise vet.

☐ Arrange whenever possible for pets to be looked after on removal day.


☐ Inform bank.

☐ Inform credit card company.

☐ Inform store charge card companies.

☐ Inform HP companies.

☐ Inform premium bonds.

☐ Inform companies where you own shares.

Post and Communications

☐ Inform Royal Mail and setup redirect for post.

☐ Arrange to cut off or redirect telephone.

☐ Arrange to re-connect telephone.

☐ Arrange call re-direct.

☐ Inform mobile phone supplier.

Professional Advisors

☐ Inform Solicitor.

☐ Inform Accountant.

☐ Inform Financial Advisor.


☐ Advise your religious centre.

Service Contracts

☐ Advise all service contractors.

☐ Advise guarantee providers.

☐ Ask current owners of your new home to send copies of service contracts and/or guarantees for items leaving.


☐ Advise tax authorities.

☐ Advise council.


☐ Advise licence authority.

☐ Advise cable/satellite supplier.


☐ Advise DSS.

☐ Advice child benefit.

☐ Advise pensions.

Security/Alarm Systems

☐ Leave operating instructions for new owners.

☐ Ensure current owners of your new home leave instructions for you.


☐ Advise DVLA.

☐ Advise motoring organisations.

☐ Make sure your car is in good running order for the journey to your new home.


☐ Arrange whenever possible for young children to be lookedd after on removal day.

☐ Inform existing schools.

☐ Arrange new schools.


☐ Arrange to collect dry cleaning.

☐ Arrange to clean carpets in new home.

See more about Swift Cleaning Services End of Tenancy  Cleaning here.


☐ Advise book clubs.

☐ Advise music clubs.

☐ Advise football club for season ticket holders.


☐ Inform existing GP/Doctor.

☐ Inform existing Dentist.

☐ Arrange new GP/Doctor.

☐ Arrange new Dentist.

☐ Do not pack important medication.


☐ Confirm date with removal company.

☐ Clearly label items not to be taken.

☐ Work out packing schedule if applicable.

☐ Purchase packing materials if applicable.

Home Deliveries

☐ Advise milkman.

☐ Advise news agent.

☐ Advise catalogue/mail order companies.


☐ Inform existing insurers.

☐ Arrange new insurance where applicable.


☐ Leave all keys for new owners.

☐ Ensure current owners of your new home leave all keys for you.


☐ Start running down food in freezer if your journey is a long one. If goods are going into store, defrost and dry out freezer and fridge.